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In Asian culture, the elephant is a mythological symbol of greatness, respect and good luck, but in actuality, these animals are dying on a daily basis due to humans



“Elephants Can´t Jump” documentary has been 98% self-financed. If you want to support us, you can buy our Dvds or Titos. 


Meet Tito and our Outreach & Engagement Campaign!

Our little elephant has already been in China, Thailand, Swiss, Chile, Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, United States, South Africa and keeps moving around the world promoting the #respectelephants campaign. Look Tito’s adventures here!


Meet all the documentary interviewees

Sangduen “Lek” Chailert

Shyam Gupta

Phyl Kirk Land

Markus Pesche

Elisa Ribes

Rodrigo Saez Molina
Co Director

“The thing that struck us the most was that in Asia on one hand people worship elephants in religion, like Ganesh, the God with elephant head; but in their daily life they don’t care about elephants, on the contrary, they mistreat them. As long as we researched, we realized that the conflict was very complex, for example, there are no laws to protect these animals, because this problem happens in the poorest countries of the world, so the governments have other kinds of concerns”.

María José Martínez-Conde Fabry
Co Director and Producer

“Our goal was to inform and denounce an unknown critical situation; every year millions of tourists visit Asia, pay for riding elephants, and they can’t imagine what a terrible abuse they are contributing to. If we all get informed, we will change our behavior, choosing other kinds of attractions, and the elephant’s shows or rides will cease being profitable, turning into a responsible tourism, respecting animals and preserving them for the future”.


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Look al the film backstage photos 


More details here

51 minutes
India, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos
Shooting format:
DvCam / Color / NTSC
Rodrigo Saez Molina & María José Martínez-Conde Fabry
María José Martínez-Conde Fabry
Photography and Edition:
Rodrigo Saez Molina
Research and script:
María José Martínez-Conde Fabry
Color post-production:
Audio post production:
Pablo Mardones
Ricardo Manneschi