Tito is a 5 years-old baby elephant who used to live in the jungle in northern India with his family. One sad day, some bad people broke into his land, and captured his mom, dad and sister. Tito hid among the forest trees, and crying very quietly, he could see his family being taken away. Left alone in the jungle, Tito decided to look for his family around the world. And he found his dad doing tourist rides in New Delhi; and his sister in a Rumanian circus. He heard his mom was in a zoo, but he hasn’t been able to find her yet. Nevertheless, Tito keeps looking for his mum, he hasn’t given up hope. In his adventures around this crazy world, Tito has visited amazing places, experienced different cultures and has met incredible people along the way. Also he’s found out that some humans don’t care about the planet and that’s why sometimes he teaches them how to take care of the environment


“Elephants Can’t Jump” documentary has the #respectelephants campaign, which goal is to inform and make people aware of the reality of Asian elephants and develop a responsible tourism. We provide details on elephant physiology as well as tips on environmental care through stop motion videos called “Cor-Titos”.


#Respectelephants campaign includes the design of an interactive map on this website, which will indicate different places where tourists can go to see elephants throughout Asia, along with documentary images. Tourists may also leave comments of each place on the map, denouncing abuses to guarantee that these animals are preserved and protected.

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